What Kinds of Events Can You Expect from Student Apartments in Florida?

One of the main selling points of off-campus housing in Gainesville is that you can take part in exclusive events for residents. Student apartments offer plenty of opportunities to try new things, learn new skills and meet your fellow residents. What kinds of events can you expect to see on the calendar when you move into your student apartment?

Types of Events Hosted by Student Apartments

Student apartment events change every semester, so it’s impossible to predict everything that you can look forward to. However, here’s a sampling of some of the events they’ve offered in the past:

Exercise periods: Meet a trainer in the 24-hour gym for a live exercise session.

Crafts: Feel like a kid again with their DIY craft sessions.

Free food: Skip cooking tonight and take advantage of free food that was catered by a nearby restaurant or cooked by staff members.

Pet parties: Bring your pets outside for a special meet-and-greet with other residents.

Game periods: Play games like Bingo for the chance to win prizes.

Holiday events: Hang out with friends and eat delicious food to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Free giveaways: Enter one of their giveaways on social media for the chance to win food, gift cards, electronics and other prizes.

Contact Lark Gainesville for more information about off-campus housing in Gainesville. Their social media pages give you an idea of what to expect from student living in this area. You can even enter to win a giveaway at certain times of the year.


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