What Kind of Ailments Online Doctors Can Help You With

Going to your primary doctor for every little thing that’s wrong with you is unrealistic. You can handle things like a cold on your own, but sometimes it’s easier to seek a solution from a medical professional. It’s important to catch the symptoms of an infection or ailment before the problem becomes worse. An online physician should be able to help you with the following ailments, so you don’t have to keep going to your primary physician, or you need help while you’re on the go.

Cold or flu symptoms
If you’re experiencing cold or flu symptoms that are keeping you up at night, an online physician can help you find a way to deal with the symptoms and can prescribe you the medicine you need to fight your specific symptoms. If you experience these symptoms, contacting an online physician can offer you relief sooner than making an appointment with your primary doctor.
   * Cough
   * Sore throat
   * Headache
   * Fever or fever chills
   * Stuffy nose
   * Nausea
   * Vomiting

Bronchitis or other URIs
With no history of asthma, you may be unfamiliar with having trouble breathing. There are many things that can affect your respiratory system, like swelling in your nasal cavity or swelling of other parts of your lungs or throat. Describing your symptoms to an online physician what kind of respiratory problems you’re having will help them fill out online prescriptions to treat an infection you may have. You’ll need to follow up with your primary care doctor, however.

Poison Ivy or irritated skin
While on a hike, if you’ve come into contact with some odd plants and suffer from a rash afterward, you may want to consult an online physician. Describing your symptoms will help them be able to treat you. Online doctors like MDPROACTIVE offer video consultations so you can show them your rash and they can better help you treat it.

Sometimes, people who have never had allergies before could mistake the symptoms for a cold that they get every spring or summer. If you are new to allergies, or what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked, you can consult an online physician and ask them what you should do right from your electronic device.

Online doctors can even help you with acne. You can ask an online physician different solutions for acne and ways you can prevent it. If your acne is painful or irritating, let them know, and they can prescribe you something for relief. If your symptoms persist and get worse, you may need to consult a specialist, but an online physician can offer you some temporary relief.

It’s important to understand that an online physician cannot replace your primary care doctor. Doctors with online services can only help you treat minor ailments. It is helpful to have some relief if there are circumstances that are keeping you from seeing your primary doctor, and online physicians can offer you online prescriptions to help you when you need it. Visit MDProactive at www.mdproactive.com for more details.


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