What Is The Role Of Personal Injury Attorneys?

Personal injury attorneys are legal professionals whose practice deals in cases where negligence and subsequent damages are involved. It is well understood amongst the legal fraternity that negligence is something that occurs when an individual or an entity such as a company or even the government fails to perform their duties in such a manner that injury is avoided. Negligence can be direct or indirect; direct negligence for example is when the driver of a vehicle injures a person or causes damage to other people’s property. Another perfect example is when an individual slips and falls on a wet floor in a commercial establishment. It is the mandate of personal injury attorneys in El Monte to gather any evidence from his or her client, from witnesses or from the scene and from this determine who is liable for damages and to what extent.

Personal injury attorneys in El Monte find themselves becoming involved in a wide range of legal situations. When a person is injured and there is good reason to believe the injury can be attributed to a negligent act then the injured party will work with an attorney skilled in tort law.

When a civil wrong occurs it is “tort” law that applies, tort law is very different than criminal law. Tort law applies when a person suffers injury or material loss due to negligence on the part of another person or entity. A personal injury attorney is very intimate with the law and when called upon to prosecute a case will conduct legal research into case law and precedent. Based on the facts of the case in question the attorney will see how it compares with historic cases. By studying past cases the attorney can formulate an opinion and develop various scenarios on how best to pursue the case on behalf of the current client. There is often a considerable amount of work involved in research; this is one of the tasks of a paralegal working in the law firm

Once all the research has been wound up the attorney and client will get together and review the options, the personal injury attorneys in El Monte can offer professional advice to the client on which is the best way to proceed. Although very few people have an in-depth understanding or appreciation of the law, personal injury attorneys do not make decisions on behalf of their clients, they present the options that are available and that’s as far as they go. Once the approach has been agreed and the course is set, then the attorney is free to set the course of action that will result in the best outcome for the client.

Going to court is an option, many cases involving personal injury claims are settled out of court. The personal injury attorneys in El Monte will negotiate with the defendant’s attorneys, the objective being to get the best possible settlement for the client.
If you have suffered an injury which you believe is the result of negligence then you will need personal injury attorneys in El Monte. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen and ask for a free evaluation of your case. Follow them on Facebook.com


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