What Is The Lipiflow Treatment And What Are Its Benefits?

Eye patients who have experienced symptoms of dry eye should visit an ophthalmologist to have this condition evaluated. What seems like a simple issue could become a serious problem if left untreated. Among the options for this condition is the LipiFlow Treatment used specifically for evaporative dry eye. If you wish to discuss this option with a doctor, you should schedule an appointment at the Family Vision Center today.

What is Dry Eye and What Causes It?

Dry eye is a condition that presents one of two possibilities. In evaporative dry eye the patient has a deficiency associated with the oily layer in tears. In dry eye aqueous, the deficiency exists within the watery layers. The evaporative form is most common. Your eye doctor can perform tests to establish which form of this condition; you possess. Among the available tests are those used to determine whether or not your meibomian glands are producing adequate levels of oil. A reduction in oil production can lead to dry eye symptoms.

What is the LipiFlow Treatment and How Effective is It?

This treatment involves a massage of the thermal eyelid through the application of heat. This technique is used to unblock glands that aren’t producing adequate oil levels. The doctor uses an activator which is placed underneath the eyelid to protect the cornea from possible damage. The treatments last about twelve minutes.

According to studies by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this treatment has improved the dry eye symptoms in almost eighty percent of all patients who received them. These studies shows results within the first month of treatment. However, the results of treatment vary from one patient to another.

Dry eye is a condition that could lead to significant irritation and redness. The focus of diagnosing this condition is to determine that the patient is experiencing symptoms based on a deficiency and not an allergy or contact lens-related condition. The frequency in which the patients experience these symptoms could have a direct impact on their vision and overall outlook. If you wish to learn more about this condition and treatment options, you should schedule an appointment today for a free evaluation.

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