What is an IFT Physiotherapy Machine?

An IFT physiotherapy machine may be the solution that you have been searching for when it comes to getting your pain under control WITHOUT narcotics. Many people are hailing the virtues of using this machine to finally get the relief that they need from chronic pain. It is a simple to use device that you can use at home without medical supervision. It is one of the most cost-effective pain relief therapies that you will find and IT WORKS.

Interferential Therapy

IFT or interferential therapy machines are similar to TENS machines but instead of the intermittent pulse of stimulation that you get with a TENS with this machine you get a continued deep pulse of stimulation to relieve pain. The machine is very simple to use at home. You just hook up the electrodes and turn the machine on for immediate, long-term pain relief.

The Advantages of Using an IFT Physiotherapy Machine

If you have been dealing with chronic pain for any length of time and been under a doctor’s care you know the routine. Far too many times chronic pain is managed by:

* Pain management drugs
* Monthly visits to the clinic for new prescriptions
* More pain management drugs when the last ones do not work

The problem with using drugs to manage pain is that it is not a healing model. With the IFT machines you get:

* Pain relief without drugs
* An opportunity to improve nerve reaction

Most experts believe that chronic pain is caused by the nerves being stuck in a loop of memory from when the original injury occurred. Pain medication does not do anything to address this loop, the IFT machine does. It interrupts the signal to the nerves and with continued use may even teach the nerves to react differently. It is time to manage your pain differently!

UltraCare Pro offers the pain management equipment that can be life changing.


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