What Improvements Upgrades Do Homebuyers Look For in Bathroom Renovations?

The real estate industry has hammered us with the fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Buyers are therefore conditioned to notice these first, always looking for what they need in these rooms. That, too, has been instilled into us: we need storage above anything else. Let’s take a look at bathroom remodeling in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and for what buyers really look for when they’re looking for a new home.

It’s Visual

The first thing buyers see upon entering a bathroom is tile. The color, height, and pattern, if any, lead the eye around the room to the fixtures. Buyers look for neutral colors which they highlight with accessories of their own, such as colored towels, knickknacks, or perhaps, artwork on the walls.

Let There Be Light

Bathrooms often have no windows, so they need outstanding lighting. Homeowners would have a real winner if they put a window in the shower. This has two-fold benefits: fresh air mitigates the formation of mold and mildew, and the natural light highlights shower floors for safety. Natural light provides an easy source of illumination in the bathroom without having to rely on putting in fixtures or providing lamps.


Make sure you install a double vanity. This makes it easier and faster for two people to get ready together in the morning. Bowls come in amazing styles, so ensure you have enough of them with plenty of storage beneath, above, beside, or around the vanity. Bathroom remodeling in Fort Lauderdale, FL, professionals can design this for you.


Real estate agents tell homeowners to put in a bath and shower. If the space is there, go for it. If not, they should decide on which they use most. After all, bathers can sit or lie down in a shower as well as in a tub. Homeowners need an efficient, functional, and stylish place to relax after a long day. In the end, the bathroom should reflect these standards, whether homeowners stay or sell their house.


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