What If It’s Raining on The Day We Move Home?

Although you may prefer to choose the day and date when you move home, this is not always possible. There are times during the year, when you know it is going to rain. Fortunately, your movers in Durham, NC, have vast experience of moving a family’s home contents in the rain.

Safety Is Your First Thought

You may think that it’s only rain, but when you get tired and have been working hard all day, completing an unnatural process of packing and shifting boxes, you are more likely to have an accident.

Wearing good quality, strong boots, with a solid tread to give you a good grip wherever you are walking, is your first essential ingredient. The second, as you will observe with all movers in Durham, NC, is to wear gloves with a grip in wet conditions. You will need the extra grip because plastic boxes and furniture will become more slippery compared to moving the items in dry weather.

Remember to keep some old sheets and place them over the wet floors at any entrance/exit to your home. They will help soak up some of the wet weather from your boots. Try to avoid plastic sheets as they will become very slippery, when wet.

Should you be driving a vehicle on the day of the move, use extra caution so that you can avoid all possibilities of accident. If you haven’t employed movers in Durham, NC, and are carrying out the removal yourself, the truck will almost certainly be larger than any vehicle that you usually drive. This is not the day to take part in an accident and delay you reaching your new home on time.

Update Your Insurance Before You Move

When it’s raining, there is a higher chance that items may be damaged after being dropped. Where you can organize insurance for your move, this may be a good investment.

When you are sure that the weather may not be excellent on the day you move, it will always be a better choice to budget for the expense of employing movers in Durham, NC, to guarantee a professional move, reduce potential damage to your items and save yourself from stress and soaking all your goods.


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