What Happens to Your Car Without Regular Oil Changes?

We all know our car needs regular oil changes. Since you were first handed the keys to your parents’ car for practice behind the wheel, you’ve likely heard of how important maintenance like oil changes are. Bur do you know why? Do any of us really know why we heed the call of the tiny sticker slapped on our windshield, beckoning us back to our maintenance provider every three months or three-thousand miles?

The Answer is Inside Your Oil

When tested, used oil from inside a vehicle that has been without regular changes for long periods of time begins to show the presence of metals. While some metals are going to be present in any oil that touches the inner workings of your vehicle, a high number of these particles means your car is actually breaking down on a microscopic level and seeping into the oil as it wears away – not good news for the longevity of your ride!

Some of the metals you can find in thoroughly-spent motor oil include:

  • Iron
  • Chromium
  • Aluminum

Each of these indicates a different type of wear, and each has its own negative effect on the car’s mechanics.

And It Gets Worse

Unchanged oil doesn’t just eat away at the inner workings of your car – it’s physically abrasive, too. As oil ages in your car, it builds up particles of not only metal, but dirt, soot and other materials, as well. This causes a substance called “sludge” to form, and it’s about as gross as it sounds. What’s worse? It can destroy your engine from the inside out, permanently damaging your car.

All of this can be avoided with regular oil changes. When was the last time you had yours switched out? If you’re not sure, it’s probably time for one right away!

Looking for an oil change near Duncanville, TX? Contact your local industry expert, and let the pros handle the job. You’ll be in and out in a matter of minutes – and your car will thank you for months!


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