What happens if your walk in refrigerator fails?

Restaurants, florists, fish and meat shops, etc all require one thing in common; a cool place to store their products until such time as it is used or sold. Invariably these types of companies use a walk in refrigerator but what happens when the refrigerator fails or is out of service for repair or maintenance? One thing is for sure, a domestic refrigerator is not the answer.

Walk in refrigerators are not the type of thing that you send out for maintenance, in most cases the refrigerator is an integral part of the building.

The portable solution:

There are many examples of when a company would need temporary solution to no refrigeration. Repairs and renovations are a part of every business as is shop renovation. When these activities are ongoing a portable walk in refrigerator in Charleston SC is the perfect solution. The same is true if the primary unit fails and an emergency back-up is needed, once again, a portable unit is the perfect solution.

It s not only businesses and restaurants that have need for large cube refrigeration, large gatherings such as outdoor wedding banquets or large family reunions invariably call for cool storage for food and beverages. Portable walk in refrigeration inn Charleston SC is once again, the perfect solution.

What is a portable walk in refrigerator?

Basically it is a walk in refrigerator on wheels. The unit is delivered to the site where it is set up and connected to a generator set.

As a restaurateur, a party host or a business that relies on cold storage you can appreciate how important having a local source for portable refrigeration is. A walk in refrigerator can fail and when it does there is a real possibility of losing thousands of dollars worth of inventory or salable merchandise. Visit Rent WalkIn Coolers.


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