What Do You Need to Know About Mercedes-Benz Accessories

The Mercedes-Benz Accessories provide a perfect match for your vehicle making it even more luxurious. You can opt for practical accessories or visual style elements that gives your vehicle added functionality. The accessories are perfectly matched to your Mercedes and are distinguished with their high levels of quality and safety.

What Are the Popular Mercedes-Benz Accessories?

Decal Kit

Mercedes Benz has developed an in-house decal kit that consists of two sets of kits. Once they are fitted they accentuate the sports character of the A-class brand.


The Quickpark is a parking aid that makes parking comfortable. It is an ideal choice where space is limited. The system gets automatically activated when the reverse gear is engaged. This is based on the ultrasonic technology that bounces signals off obstacles in the path. The distance between the obstacle and the vehicle is indicated by an audible warning sound.

Front Apron Spoiler Lip

This accessory can help attenuate the sporty nature of the vehicle. It places emphasis on the width of the vehicle and reduces visual focus on the front end. You can choose it any color you want from your reputed dealer.

Rear Seat Entertainment System (Portable Kit)

The elegant entertainment system allows the passengers in the rear to watch DVDs on 17.8cms screens. The TFT technology ensures you watch your favorite movies or play video games without restricting the rear field vision. A separate video cable enables you to watch videos from external sources too.

Floor Mats

The all-season black floor mats are synthetic mats designed for heavy use. They are robust and can be easily washed. They are available with the unique Mercedes Benz logo.

Illuminated Star Emblem

Let the star of your Mercedes Benz shine. LED technology and fiber optic cables enable the star emblem to light up when you lock or unlock the vehicle. It only functions when the engine is switched off.

Stowage Crates

The crates have been specifically created to secure items that are prone to tip over or slide around. The adjustable portioning in the crate enables you to divide the crate into four sections.

Mud Flaps

The mud flaps protect the rear, sides and underbody of the vehicle from damage due to scratches and loose chippings. As they are precision tailored to the contours of the vehicle they do not spoil its sporty looks.

Select Mercedes-Benz Accessories by model and you will be amazed at what you can find in our range of exclusive and genuine accessory collection.

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