What Do Oxygen Cleaning Companies Do?

Before some metals are finished, the surfaces need to be completely clean and free of a number of contaminants. This is an excellent strategy for minimizing corrosion and also delivers other benefits. Let’s look at what oxygen cleaning companies typically do, to help you get a better understanding of the process.

Oxygen equipment must maintain strict standards of cleanliness. After all, people could be breathing the oxygen and no type of impurities can be in the system. This requires a high degree of specialized cleaning. In addition, many materials are designed for use in an oxygen rich atmosphere and this can create additional concerns with corrosion or combustion (if there are any kinds of impurities).

The Cleaning Procedure

Before materials can be cleaned, the work area must be completely cleaned. This helps to eliminate the possibility of re-contamination. This means all tools and equipment must also pass rigid standards of cleanliness. After cleaning, a visual inspection is performed (with special lighting) to ensure there are no residual contaminants.

If parts to be cleaned are not new, oxygen cleaning companies disassemble them before cleaning. The initial cleaning is performed to make sure no oil, grease or machining residue remains. Parts are then dried and introduced into a final washing. Afterwards, the cleaned materials are carefully inspected and sent back through the process if they do not meet quality control standards.

Other Services

Some oxygen cleaning companies offer additional services for your convenience. Here are some extras you may find:

* Metal Coating – does your company have the need for nickel plating or anodized aluminum? Your cleaning company may be able to perform these services for you.

* Metal fabrication – some companies can take care of your O2 cleaning needs and also provide metal finishing and fabrication services. This can include a wide range of work including several types of welding.

* Prototyping – are you thinking of adding a new product to your line? Product development requires a great deal of work, testing and engineering. When you outsource this kind of work, you can save your company an enormous amount of time and resources.

Project Management

Are you considering a new manufacturing project? Why not hire a trained and experienced project manager to take care of all the important details? Your project manager will make sure everything is taken care of and can be there to supervise all the work. The best oxygen cleaning companies can save you a lot of time and trouble.


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