What Defendants Should Know About Bailbonds In Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, defendants cannot obtain a release from the county jail until they either pay their bail or secure a bail bond. The bail bond presents a more affordable choice for defendants who don’t have the money to pay the full bail value. Bonding agents provide bailbonds in Oklahoma City for defendants who are eligible for bail.

What Does the Bondsman Need to Know?

When purchasing a bail bond, the representative for the defendant needs vital details. First, they need to know the defendant’s full name and birthdate. The representative needs to tell the bondsman where the defendant is being held and their exact crime. The bondsman uses the information to determine the exact value of the defendant’s bail and if the court provided bail.

How is a Bond Secured?

The representative for the defendant pays the required percentage requested by the bail bondsman. The percentage is between ten and fourteen, and it must be paid before the bail bond is issued.

However, bondsmen also accept collateral instead of cash. The collateral could include real estate, automobiles, and bank accounts. Savings accounts and CDs are also used as collateral to secure a bail bond.

How is the Bail Bond Processed?

The bail bondsman presents the bail bond documentation to a criminal court judge. Once the judge signs off on the documentation, the bonding agent visits the county jail and arranges the defendant’s release. The correctional officers start out-processing for the defendant within a few hours of the purchase of the bond.

What are Terms of the Bond?

The terms of the bond define what the defendant must do to remain out of jail. Typically, the defendant must attend all court appearances as scheduled by the court. The judge will issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest if they don’t appear in court. The representative for the defendant will lose all money or collateral used to purchase the bail bond.

In Oklahoma, defendants must attend an arraignment to determine the total value of their bail. In some cases, it is possible for a bonding agent to negotiate the bail value with a judge. Defendants who need to obtain Bailbonds in Oklahoma City can browse our website for more details now.


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