What Can You Expect From Mold Testing in South Jersey?

There are certain conditions that must be present for mold growth to begin and continue. One of the biggest reasons for mold growth is high levels of humidity. This often occurs when there is a water leak or flood waters have entered your home. When this happens, mold can begin to grow within twenty-four hours. Since some mold can be toxic and put the health of you and your family in danger, it is imperative you contact a professional for Mold Testing. This will allow you to know exactly what type of mold you have so it can be properly taken care of and removed.

Unfortunately, no one can look at mold and be able to tell what type it is. This is why Mold Testing South Jersey is needed. To find out what type of mold is present in your home, the team will first need to come in and take samples. Mold will be sampled from different surfaces in your home. Air samples will also be taken to see if there are any airborne spores. These samples will be sent to a lab and the information will typically come back in twenty-four hours.

Once the team knows what type of mold they are dealing with, remediation can begin. Remediation removes the different types of mold spores so they do not become airborne and repopulate your home. Airborne mold can be detrimental to those with breathing difficulties, such as seen in asthma.

When all of the surfaces of your home have been properly cleaned and treated, the team will work to dramatically lower the humidity levels. This is important because it will help to ensure the mold does not continue to grow. Special testing equipment will be used to check your humidity levels in your air and in your walls.

Upon the completion of remediation services, your home will be restored and safe for you and your family. If you need Mold Testing in South Jersey area, visit. They can also offer you full remediation services for mold, fire and water damage. Contact them today so you can learn more about their services.


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