What Can You Do About Back and Neck Pain?

Whether you have been involved in a car accident or experienced a fall, back and neck injuries can cause serious pain. When dealing with pain in these areas, it can be difficult to function normally. Many people end up being in so much pain, they are unable to work or even carry out normal household chores. If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain in these areas, it is crucial you find the cause and get help. Through Brian C. Helland, D.C, your back and neck can be thoroughly examined and treated, through chiropractic care.

When you have Back And Neck Pain Colorado Springs, there can be many causes. Often, pain in these areas stems from spinal column issues. When your spine is not aligned properly, this can place undue pressure on surrounding soft tissues and nerves. This can lead to major pain and mobility problems.

To correct the alignment issues in your back and neck, the chiropractor will first treat you with heat and soothing massage. This helps to relax the muscles, so they will better respond to manipulations carried out on your spine. Once your muscles are relaxed, the chiropractic adjustment will begin.

Using swift and precise movements, the chiropractor will work to properly align your spine. Each bone will be checked, to make sure it is in proper alignment. This will ensure the nerves are no longer being compressed, so they and the soft tissues in your back and neck can properly heal.

The healing process will depend on how severe the damage is in your back and neck. Most people need ongoing treatment, to ensure their spine stays properly aligned. This will help you to avoid nerve damage and pain. As your soft tissues and nerves heal, you will see your range of motion begins to improve, along with your pain.

If you are experiencing back and neck pain, there is help available, through chiropractic care. To learn how this type of care can benefit your pain, visit website. They will use the latest advances in chiropractic care, to ensure your pain is brought under control, so your back and neck can properly heal.


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