What are the tips for pond maintenance?

With endless available products for use in water gardens, it might be a bit overwhelming. There isn’t any right solution which will apply to all water gardens and koi ponds. But, there are a few basics which almost all pondkeepers ought to be doing to take care of a pond.


Fertilize very plant and place at suitable depth. Lotus and Lilies must be fertilized every 3 to 4 weeks, marginals each 5 to 7 weeks.

Add new plants as necessary as the weather becomes suitable for every plant. Add floaters like water lettuce and water hyacinth.

Add Anacharis to decrease algae growth. Use 1 bunch per 1 square foot of surface area for ponds below 50 square feet and 1 bunch per 2 – 3 square feet for ponds more than 51 – 200 square feet. For ponds more than 200 square feet use 1 bunch for every 3 – 4 square feet.


Keep in mind to continually fertilize the plants as explained under “Spring” section.

Remove any dead foliage from your pond. The leaves of plants are going to brown or yellow as they grow older. As this occurs, it’s better to cut them off. It decreases debris build-up inside the pond, offers more room for fresh growth, and will improve the pond’s appearance.

Feed the fish well. Don’t over-feed. You should feed no more than your fish will consume in five minutes. Feed 1 to 3 times a day.

Continually clean filter as necessary, making sure that you not over-clean.

Maximize the aeration. Hot water will hold less oxygen, but the fish utilize more oxygen in hot water. Be certain to have an abundance of aeration that runs around-the-clock. Aeration may be supplemented by utilizing an air pump or extra pump.

Continually use bacterial products such as Microbe Lift.

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