What Are the Responsibilities of an Estate Planning Attorney in Newnan, GA?

An estate planning attorney in Newnan, GA, also called an estate law attorney or probate attorney, is a licensed and experienced lawyer who knows the state and federal laws that affect how things will be inventoried, valued, distributed, and taxed after you die.

What Do They Do?

An estate lawyer is a licensed attorney who focuses on estate planning and helps clients make and use legal documents like wills and trusts. Estate law is similar to family law in that lawyers often have to work with people related to the estate. They will set up and manage the transfer of a person’s assets to their heirs and beneficiaries.

They also help people find ways to lower taxes or fees that may be put on an estate. This requires knowledge of tax law. They might need to limit a client’s estate to ensure their wishes are fulfilled. Estate lawyers can also help with retirement plans, life insurance policies, and charitable donations, among other personal and business matters.

Do They Represent People in Court?

A lawyer who excels in estate planning can also help anyone with power of attorney over the estate of a deceased person through the probate court process. A good estate planning attorney in Newnan GA, can help you avoid probate court altogether. This will depend on the type of assets in the estate and how they can be legally transferred.

If a beneficiary tells you that they plan to challenge the will and sue the estate of a deceased loved one from whom you also stand to benefit, you might want to talk to an estate planning attorney.

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