What Are The Differences Between Tooth Veneers And Crowns?

A person’s smile has a great deal to do with the rest of the world see them. As time goes by teeth can become cracked, broken or discolored all of which have the tendency to lower the individuals self-esteem, causing them to hide their otherwise beautiful smile behind their hand. Fortunately for these individuals a cosmetic dentist in Chicago can help them get healthy, attractive teeth. Before the dentist settles on the best approach to improving the patient’s looks he or she must consider a number of factors. The common methods the dentist can employ are tooth veneers and dental crowns.

There are several commonalities between veneers and crowns, there are also several differences. Both are custom made, molded to fit to the teeth. The first thing that is done is to take a mold of the tooth or teeth, the mold is eventually sent to a dental lab. Dental technicians make the veneers or crown and return it to the cosmetic dentist in Chicago who in turn fits them to the patient’s teeth.

Despite these commonalities there are also several differences; crowns are designed to encapsulate the entire tooth while veneers only cover the front or the visible part of the tooth.

When a tooth is being prepared for a dental crown the cosmetic dentist must grind the tooth down to accept the thickness of the crown, usually the tooth is reduced in size by a couple of millimeters. Although a tooth also has to be shaved to accept dental veneers the amount removed is often less than one millimeter.

Dental crowns and tooth veneers have very different jobs to do and they each are used for a unique situation. A crown can change the size and shape of a tooth, crowns are normally used when it is necessary to repair a tooth that has been broken off or suffered serious decay. Crowns, due to their construction are very strong, they are ideal for use on those teeth that do the grinding and chewing.

Veneers on the other hand are usually used on teeth which are discolored or chipped but are basically sound and healthy. The fact that there are gaps and stains makes no difference, these teeth can be salvaged. A dental veneer covers the visible portion of the tooth and although they are quite strong they tend to be brittle which makes them more suitable for the teeth that are not grinding and chewing.

Regardless of what option is elected, your cosmetic dentist in Chicago can assure you that your smile and your looks will be transformed.

A cosmetic dentist in Chicago has many different approaches that he or she can take when the objective is to improve your smile and self confidence. You are welcome to discuss the various options with the dentists at the Art of Modern Dentistry.


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