What Are the Biggest Benefits of Teen Invisalign

If you have a teen, Invisalign from a San Fernando dentist could be a great choice when compared with other options, such as the traditional metal braces that are still used. Of course, each dental patient is different, and you will need to speak with the dentist about the options available. However, there are some substantial benefits when it comes to using Invisalign, as you will see.

Not as Noticeable

One of the biggest benefits, and one that the teen is most likely talking about, is the fact that this type of system is not going to be nearly as noticeable as the traditional metal braces. Teens tend not to want to have traditional braces because they are going to draw attention that they do not want. These clear aligners are nearly invisible, and they are not going to cause any issues with the way the teen speaks, which can be a problem with metal braces.

Easier Eating

With traditional braces, there is also the problem of having a restricted diet due to their nature. They act as almost a metal net, which means there are many types of food that are going to be off limits, such as anything gummy, crackers, chips, and the like. You will find that with the Invisalign braces, they are able to remove the aligners when they eat. After cleaning, they just put the aligners back in. This allows them to eat more of the things they want.

Easier to Clean

Cleaning the traditional braces can be difficult and time consuming, and many teens simply don’t do it right. This increases the chance of food getting stuck in the braces and eventually causing cavities. With Invisalign, they can simply take out the aligners and clean them, and brush and floss their own teeth before they put the aligners back in their mouth.

Less Pain

Traditional braces tend to cause more pain, as well. They can be uncomfortable, and this discomfort tends to return every time they have an adjustment. While the Invisalign may cause some discomfort, it is far less than with traditional braces.

As you can see, if you have a teen Invisalign from a San Fernando dentist could be a great option to consider. There are plenty of benefits, and as long as the teen wears the aligners the appropriate amount, there are really no downsides.


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