What Are the Advantages in Using Cedar Wood for Fencing A Property?

Homeowners with animals, small children, and swimming pools tend to fence their property in order to protect these things. The homeowner might choose a fence company in Little Rock using different types of wood. Wood needs upkeep, though, to prevent warping, weakening, mold, and discoloration from the weather. Cedar, however, offers characteristics about which the homeowner doesn’t have to worry. What are the benefits of cedar fencing?

Temperature and Sound Control

Cedar has pockets of air that act as insulation. The property enclosed by the fence will be warmer than if another type of wood had been used. Cedar is also soundproof, reducing sound by up to 70 percent.

Rot and Insect Proof

Your nearby fence company in Little Rock will put up a cedar fence inside, which feature oils that keep the wood from rotting. The same oils and the scent of the wood prevent insect and termite infestations. The oil also acts as a natural water repellent. Watch as the rain beads up on your new cedar fence. Your cedar fence is expected to last upwards of 40 years without rotting.


Cedar fences don’t need much maintenance. Applying a coat of sealer every couple years is all that’s needed. If the wood was pretreated, then you don’t even need that. Power washing the fence every now and then removes dirt and debris as well as making the fence look new and fresh.


Western Red Cedar, which is what most fence companies use, has a pretty mahogany color. There’s usually no need for painting cedar fencing; it’s attractive all by itself. Homeowners matching the style of their cedar fence to the style of their home create a curb appeal that would be hard to beat. Visitors are charmed by the beauty of the wood, the aroma of cedar, and the appeal of the fence.


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