What A Small Bathroom Remodeling Service Can Accomplish for Homeowners

Sometimes there’s no way to make a small-sized bathroom any bigger. The home’s residents must deal with the placement of the walls as they stand. A Small Bathroom Remodeling Service in Washington NJ can help make the room more aesthetically appealing and even more functional. The residents also can use decorative strategies to make the space feel bigger.

Light colors make the room feel less confining. If the bathroom has floors, tile walls or countertops in hues like forest green or navy blue, it’s best to replace the materials with neutral, pastel or off-white options. Dark or bold colors can be used as accents instead of the dominating shades.

Contractors who provide Small Bathroom Remodeling Service can replace a large vanity with a smaller one that has the faucet mounted to the wall instead of on the sink itself. That allows for additional space around the vanity.

If the room has a bathtub with a shower, the homeowners might consider having the tub removed and a shower stall added instead. The shower can be a bit oversized since there is more room available without the tub. Of course, if this is the only tub in the house, it’s typically best to leave it in place. A clear shower door or curtain opens up the space, allowing people in the room to feel less confined.

Although design experts usually recommend storing some towels and washcloths close to a shower or tub, removing cabinetry where these items are normally stored may be the best option for a very small bathroom. They could be placed in a second bathroom, if one is available, or in a hall linen closet. There should be at least one towel rack available so people have a towel or two handy to use at the sink or after showering.

In some cases, a remodeling contractor from a company such as Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating is called upon to renovate a very tiny bathroom with only enough space for a toilet and sink. Installing the right features can make a big difference in the perceived comfort of this tiny room. For more information and updates follow us on facebook!!


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