You’re getting married! There is so much to plan, and it can be complicated and overwhelming as well as exciting. Should you serve beef or chicken? Poppy seed cake with raspberry filling or lavender cake with lemon filling? There is the music to consider, and of course the gown. Picking out the right invitation cards is one step that can be simplified by knowing what to look for.

Wedding invitations set the tone for your ceremony. When it comes to what the cards will look like, you have many options at a wide variety of price points. You could choose a stylized font or a modern one, but be sure the font is legible. Many couples pick colors that match the colors of the wedding, but some prefer to mix and match. Cardstock could be simple and sleek or raised and embossed. Ribbons, logos, and many other decorations are yours to choose from.

Some couples choose humorous cards. Others choose a more romantic or classic vibe for their invitation cards. If you are planning, for example, a Hindu, Muslim, or Christian wedding, you could choose a company that makes cards catered to those traditions.

Wedding invitations should give information and be attractive. They should answer the questions who, what, where, and when, and they should also contain an RSVP date. Five to eight weeks before the ceremony is the traditional time to send wedding invitations. That way recipients have enough time to see if they are able to attend.

Picking out wedding invitation cards can be simple and even fun. When the recipients open the cards, they will be getting a first glimpse of the meaningful and beautiful ceremony ahead. By ordering invitations that meet your needs, you and your partner are starting your wedding off on the right foot, and celebrating the beginning of your life together. Visit Regal Cards.

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