We Code Health Records

A majority of health clinics, dental clinics, vision care centers, doctor’s offices, ambulatory care centers and hospitals have made the switch to electronic health records. If you are ready to join these facilities in converting from paper to electronic records, our healthcare coding company is ready to assist you. We have highly trained professionals with years of medical coding and billing experience. Many of our coders have backgrounds in nursing and medicine, so they are familiar with the coding and billing requirements. Our team also includes data analysts and programming specialists who are ready to make sure that your system for healthcare records and medical billing is properly secured and encrypted.

Correct medical coding for healthcare services is essential to the bottom line of your practice. If the services that you provide are not paid for, you may find your medical clinic or practice going in the negative when it comes to expenses versus income. It is also important to bill accurately so as to not lose your ability to care for people under certain public insurance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. Even private insurance companies may audit records and demand accountability.

Your patients will also appreciate the improved accuracy of electronic health records. Providers will not make as many errors because of illegible handwriting or information that is difficult to find in a long medical record. They can focus on speaking with and caring for the patient.

At GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, we are proud to serve as your leading healthcare coding company. As a forward-thinking business, we aim to deliver excellent customer service by fulfilling your current needs and anticipating your future requirements.

Give us a call today for additional details about our coding services. You may also contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions or visit us online for more information about us.


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