Ways to Customize a Jeep to Make it Truly Ready for Off-Road Use

Although the Jeep is legendary for being ready to use in extreme terrain, there are several modifications that any owner can have done to make it even more ready to take off-road. From adding a JK front adjustable track bar to keep the steering alignment where it should be in bumpy conditions to adding special bumper armor for additional protection, it’s best to customize a bit before you take your Jeep off the beaten path.

Useful modifications

Even if you aren’t taking your Jeep off-road, it needs a winch. Not only can you use a winch attached to your Jeep to move your own vehicle in a towing situation, but you can also use it to tow other vehicles.

Next, you need special tires. Depending on where you’re going to be going off-road, this may mean that you’ll be putting on mud or snow tires, or you might be better equipped by adding all-terrain tires.

From there, add on a lift-kit for the simple advantage of being able to drive over more obstacles. If you plan on driving at high speeds, a solid-coil system is usually your best option.

Keeping the vehicle headed in the direction you want it to be the first goal of driving off-road, so help yourself out with a JK front adjustable track bar. It can take the wobble out of off-road driving, and it can even save your entire axle if you hit an elevation or depression in the ground in the wrong way.


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