People who have lost or some of their teeth often find it difficult to do a number of simple tasks, such as eating, speaking and smiling. Losing teeth can also cause a person to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their condition. This can make it very important for a person with this type of issue to see a dentist about replacement options, such as Implant Dentures in New London CT.

Many dentists today are recommending dental implants for missing teeth because they offer a number of advantages over traditional teeth replacement options, such as dentures. Dental implants are much more stable in a person’s mouth. This can make it easier for the person to speak, smile and eat without worrying about their replacement teeth slipping or falling out. In addition, because they are more stable, fewer sores and other painful conditions develop in the mouth because of the dental replacements.

Implant Dentures in New London CT involve one or more metal rods being surgically placed into the jawbone of the patient. These rods are given time to bond with the jawbone and create a stable foundation. Once this takes place, the rods can serve as anchors to whatever type of dental prosthesis the dentist chooses to use for the patient. Generally, a patient will require a crown for a single missing tooth, a bridge where several teeth are missing or a denture when all the teeth in the upper or lower plate have been removed.

By using dental implants, the dentist will be able to help a patient replace their missing teeth in a way that feels and looks natural. This means the patient will not have to go through a long period of adjustment as he or she learns to speak and eat with their new replacement teeth. Since implants feel natural, most patients adjust very quickly. Dental implants also look natural as they are designed in much the same way as the teeth were original. This can be a great benefit for anyone who is concerned his or her replacement teeth will stand out.

For anyone who has lost teeth, it is important to have them replaced as quickly as possible. For more information on options for treatments, please Click Here.

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