Ways Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ can Help Patients with Severe Stains to their Teeth

People who are embarrassed about stains on their teeth will often try to have their teeth whitened to remove the problems. In some cases, staining can be hereditary or it may be due to medications, such as Tetracycline a patient may have taken in the past. In these cases, whitening will generally have little effect on the stains. In such cases, it may be a good idea to consider Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ.

A dental veneer can be a great solution in this type of situation. Veneers can be placed on only the teeth with the staining issues. A veneer will not cause damage or require the natural tooth to be removed. This can be a great benefit when the patient’s tooth is only discolored, yet still healthy.

Patients who are seeing a dentist about Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ will need to consult with a dentist before treatments can begin. During this consultation, the dentist will need to thoroughly examine the condition of the affected teeth. He or she may take x-rays to ensure the tooth is healthy and that dental veneers will be a good choice to correct the issue the patient has.

An impression will need to be made of the patient’s teeth so the veneers can be created to line up with the patient’s teeth. Most dentists will first spend time removing a portion of the surface of the teeth to have veneers. This will help in making the veneer smooth against the patient’s other teeth and gums.

Once the impression has been made, a lab will then create the veneers. Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ are similar to a shell, which will fit perfectly on the patient’s tooth. This shell is generally created from colored porcelain, which matches the color of the patient’s natural teeth. The porcelain is generally translucent so the shells will look more natural in the patient’s mouth.

A dentist will generally clean the patient’s teeth before he or she begins attaching the veneers to the teeth. The veneers generally will need some minor adjustments before they are affixed to the teeth. This will help in ensuring the look and feel natural.

For patients who have teeth with stains that bleaching will not correct, Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ can be a great choice. By using this type of treatment their smile can be restored in a way that looks and feels natural.


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