Ways an Office for Cosmetic Dental Care in Homer Glen IL Can Use Dental Veneers

People who have had medical issues in the past or have taken certain types of medications may find their teeth are permanently discolored. While a person may have tried a variety of different whitening treatments, often those treatments change the look of the teeth very little. This can be upsetting to a person, and he or she may be looking for other treatment options to help correct the problem. In such situations, seeing an office offering Cosmetic Dental Care Homer Glen IL, can be a wise choice.

One option a dentist may consider using for a person with this type of condition is dental veneers. Unlike teeth whitening treatments, dental veneers do not try to change the condition of the patient’s teeth. Instead, veneers are used to cover the discolored areas of the teeth. This can often be the best option for this type of condition.

A dentist from an office for Cosmetic Dental Care Homer Glen IL, will first need to examine the patient’s teeth to assess their overall health. As long as the teeth are healthy, the dentist will generally be able to use the veneer treatment to correct the cosmetic issues.

The dentist will need to remove a thin layer of enamel from the teeth so the new veneers will fit the teeth smoothly. Once this is done, the teeth are generally cleaned and then dental impressions are taken. From these impressions, the new veneers will be created in a dental lab.

After the veneers are completed, the dentist will then need to spend time making adjustments to the veneers so they fit the person’s teeth correctly. He or she will then be able to permanently attach the veneer to the teeth.

Using dental veneers is a good way to cover discolored teeth without having the teeth removed. Because they are made in a color to match the patient’s other teeth, they will look natural. The lightness of the veneers makes them feel very natural as well.

Anyone dealing with permanently discolored teeth should consider dental veneers as a way to correct the problem.

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