Waukegan, Illinois Driving and Common Knowledge About SR-22 Filings

Even people who aren’t old enough to drive throughout the Land of Lincoln have heard of an SR-22, also known as proof of financial responsibility insurance. An SR-22 in Waukegan, IL often proves to be more difficult than regular insurance for many reasons. Keep reading to become more well-versed in the art of the SR-22.

What Forces Drivers to Get SR-22s?

Things like accidents, tickets, insurance-related problems, instances of evading fares on tollways, months of skipping out on paying child support payments, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance are all good ways to be forced to file an SR-22 in Waukegan, IL. One fairly common way that people get put on the SR-22 list is by not paying the damaged or injured party when you were found to be at fault.

Want to Say No to SR-22?

You can skip out on getting SR-22 filings, though you’d have to deposit $70,000 in cash or anywhere from $70,000 to $140,000 based on what type of asset is used to transfer such value.

SR-22 Doesn’t Rule All

Although SR-22 filing requirements do seriously alter the cost of Illinois car insurance, it’s not the most important factor when it comes to car insurance coverage.

We’ll Help Crush Your SR-22 Requirement

In Illinois, if you get with Alamo Insurance & Financial Services, you can get some of the best help with SR-22 filing around without even having to do any of the work yourself. Visit Alamoinsurance.us for more information!


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