Warehouse Setup Services Offer High-Tech Order Picking Solutions

If you fill orders in your warehouse, it can take a lot of time. Not only that, you have to deal with incorrect shipments from time to time. When you use professional warehouse setup services, they can help you choose the perfect high-tech solutions for your order picking. Here are some of the good things these companies have to offer.


Did you know most warehouse workers spend more than half their time on activities not related to order picking? In fact, much of their time involves looking for items and getting them together. A light picking system can cut the time and labor it takes to fill orders. Here is how it works.

Your warehouse setup includes product bins, manual conveyors, UPC scanners, and a special light system. Each item has its own separate storage area. The order picker scans the order, and each area has a lit display which tells the picker how many items to take. He or she picks the first item and places it in a box for shipping. Once the first item is in the box, the picker pushes a button which turns off the light and notifies the system, and the process continues.

Voice Picking

Picking by voice is similar to light picking, except the picker uses a headset with a microphone. A speech recognition program talks the picker through the order picking process.

Benefits of Automated Picking Systems

Automated picking makes order picking faster and more efficient. You’ll need fewer people to fill more orders. Also, these systems are more accurate than manual picking because people make frequent mistakes. You’ll get more orders to your customers on time and enjoy fewer customer complaints. This lowers operating costs while increasing your warehouse setup efficiency and you can do many warehouse supervisory tasks from computers in modular offices.


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