Warehouse Inventory in Birmingham, AL

You may have seen a warehouse before. These are massive structures we see as we drive past them on the road or highway. However, you may have not given much thought as to what was contained inside the warehouse. Birmingham, AL is home commercial businesses that depend on warehouses to store excess inventory. For these businesses, have space to store inventory is essential in order to minimize production and sales disruptions. Below is some information about the types of materials you are likely to find in a warehouse.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation Materials

Otherwise known as MRO, these materials are often housed in warehouse facilities. Certain production and industrial facilities contain machines and equipment that rely on quality parts and spare parts when needed. In order to service these machines properly, the business must have quick access to the necessary spare parts. Warehouses in the Birmingham, AL house these spare parts for businesses. These replacement parts are necessary in order to service equipment and bring production processes back to 100% efficiency again.

Raw Materials

Manufacturing and production companies can also use a warehouse to store raw materials that can later be used in production processes. Sometimes the company will keep a healthy supply of raw materials on hand in order to have quick access to the materials when needed. This limits the need to wait for raw materials to come in from the supplier or manufacturer and keeps production running efficiently. Raw materials may include such things as grains, chemicals, minerals, bolts, ball bearings and nuts.

Storing Products

Consumers don’t generally like it when a product they want has sold out and they have no choice but to be placed on a backorder list. However, using a warehouse effectively can help eliminate this problem for businesses. Warehouses can store an extra supply of merchandise which can be quickly transported to the business’s store locations when needed. As well, warehouses can be used to effective fulfill online orders. The business will be able to ship the order to the customer directly from the stored inventory in the warehouse. It is important to have proper inventory control in place when a warehouse is used for such purposes.


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