Vital Reasons to Use Hayward Services for DIEP Flap Reconstruction

As a medical facilities manager, you must ensure that the surgeons in your medical facility have the resources that they need to operate safely. Part of keeping them and others in the room safe involves providing resources to manage and protect sharp instruments that they use on patients. You can provide the measures for safe DIEP flap reconstruction by investing in effective sharps storage and disposal resources for your operating rooms.

Safeguarding Sharps

The surgeons in your operating rooms who use sharps to perform surgery need to be able to secure needles, scalpels and other tools that they use for operating. It is vital that they grab and use the instruments without cutting themselves. They also need to be able to get instruments to operate with without cutting others in the room.

You can invest in and provide receptacles that safely and effectively house sharps. The surgeons can reach in these specially designed receptacles and get what they need without harming themselves or others.

Safe Disposal

It is also important for you to provide receptacles for disposing of sharps used in the operating room. When technicians clean up the room, they need a place to throw away needles, scalpels and other instruments. Rather than throw them in the trash, they can dispose of them safely in a sharps receptacle.

You can find out more about resources for DIEP flap reconstruction online. Go to Sharp Fluidics to learn more about these products.


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