Using Promotional Umbrellas to Boost Brand Visibility

From employee giveaways to bustling trade shows, most modern companies appreciate that free stuff can be a powerful method for promoting brand visibility. While mugs, keychain fobs, and similar logoed items can be inexpensive and easy, they also tend not to get a wide viewership beyond the cubical or home office. Of course, most everyone appreciates a free tee shirt. However, depending on what your business sells, people might not be too keen on wearing it around in public. Whatever your business, promotional gear should be eminently useful, and likely to get an actual audience. Finding an umbrella supplier that offers promotional printing is a great way to provide your company with brand visibility that is sure to attract a lot of attention.

An umbrella supplier that offers customized printing options for businesses should be able to supply a wide range of style and design options. These can include eye-catching color choices for both canopy materials and logo printing, as well as font preferences that showcase company catch phrases. You should make sure to choose a design and color scheme that provides contrast while still maintaining an attractive aesthetic balance.

Many wholesale providers also offer options that include manual or automatic opening mechanisms, as well as a choice of folding, easy-stow models, oversized beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and other specialized designs. This makes it easy to use custom printing to target your giveaway audience with precision.

Naturally, umbrellas are an especially good choice in rainy places, where they will get the most use, and the most attention. If your business visits trade shows in various locations, you might want to consider finding an umbrella supplier for specific events that take place in high precipitation locales. Combine a quality promotional product with a great logo, and you should have a fleet of walking billboards as soon as the next rainstorm hits!

Umbrellas are something that just about everyone in a temperate climate will need desperately at some point or another, making them a great choice for advertising. Compared to a keychain or coffee mug, an umbrella also attracts considerably more public attention from day to day. Everyone and anyone passing by on foot, bicycle, bus, or car during the daily commute will get a chance to view your logo.

Whether your business is just getting started or you are looking to expand your company’s brand visibility, finding a quality wholesale umbrella supplier is a great way to get noticed. When choosing an umbrella supplier to promote your brand, keep in mind that combining quality and visibility is key to reaching the widest audience possible. Visit Raintec Umbrella.


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