Using Moving and Storage Companies in Chicago

When Chicago businesses and large companies want to relocate or open a new location, they may do well to employ moving and storage companies to assist them. Working with trained moving professionals completes the moving process quickly and efficiently, saving businesses time with little risk. Whether you are moving down the street or expanding to another state, moving and storage services let your business move and reopen without wasting any time.

Moving Services
Moving and storage companies provide a complete range of services to keep your move on time. Before the move can happen, a trained team of moving professionals will meet with your business to determine a set plan and schedule for the entire moving process. This plan includes the duration of your move, destination, potential storage needs, budgeting, and other concerns. Once the plan has been established, the team will arrive at your location to organize and pack equipment for transport. If necessary, they will provide packing materials including cardboard boxes, crates, and packing paper.

Once everything has been packed and sorted, moving professionals will transport everything to your destination. Using the most efficient route possible, they will make sure your assets arrive safely. Once they arrive according to your specifications, the unpacking begins. Moving professionals are often trained to install equipment according to company regulations. If the service has been included, they will clean the new space so it is ready for opening as soon as the next day.

Warehouse Storage Services
Warehouses are available as part of the services offered by many moving and storage companies. Chicago companies provide storage units complete with security and climate control services to protect customers’ assets during short and long-term moves. Wood and steel-reinforced vaults are designed to protect your furniture and equipment for later use.

This storage space can be made available after the move has ended to store old equipment for later use, saving your business money in the long run. If the equipment no longer functions or becomes outdated, the moving company may provide liquidation services. They can remove the outdated machine from the storage unit at your request and recycle it.


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