Using Commercial Plumbing Experts in Marietta, Georgia to Handle a Drain Clog

When someone has a clogged drain in their home or place of business, steps need to be taken right away to alleviate the problem if they wish to continue utilizing the water in the affected sink or tub. Many people will hire commercial plumbing experts in Marietta, Georgia to handle this type of incident. If they wish to undertake the project themselves, they need to go through a series of steps in trying to eliminate the problem.

First, the water should be turned off to the sink or tub, so there is no chance of an overflow occurring if someone were to mistakenly turn on a faucet. This can be done by turning the valve near the fixture to the left.

Many people try plunging a clogged drain first. This is done in the same manner as one would try to unclog a toilet. Place the rubber part of the plunger over the drain and push downward. Quickly pull the plunger upward without breaking the seal in the process. Push and pull several times to help dislodge any obstruction down below. When the plunger is taken away from the drain, the water will go down if the clog is cleared.

If plunging does not work, try using a plumber’s snake next. This is a metal rod that is placed into the drain to push any debris out of the way so water can once again flow downward. Unwind the snake as far as possible from its holder and then wind it back up to see if water goes down.

Many people try using chemical products to unclog a drain. This can be harmful to the piping system as it eats away at the material the pipes are made from in addition to the obstructing material. This can lead to pipe leaks down the road.

If plunging or snaking the drain does not have a favorable outcome, try calling commercial plumbing experts in Marietta, Georgia to come to the rescue. They would be able to disassemble the piping system with ease, removing the material causing the clog in the process. Contact Rooter PLUS to set up an appointment for repair work today.


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