Using A Commercial Furnace Technician To Help With Routine Maintenance

The weather starts turning cooler, routine maintenance steps should be done to a furnace to make sure it is ready to warm the air within a home or business. There are several steps that should be taken to ensure the furnace runs properly. It is also a great idea to have a Commercial Furnace Technician check over the system before winter begins.

Cleaning out the combustion chamber can help the flame ignite without obstruction. First, the furnace should be completely powered down, so there is no chance of it starting when the cleaning procedure is being done. The switch to a furnace is usually located on a red or black switch-plate on the wall behind or next to the furnace. If it cannot be located, the power can be shut at the main circuit panel. A shop vacuum can be used to remove any charred debris from within the combustion chamber. A wire brush will help remove pieces of soot from the ceiling and walls of the chamber.

The air filter should be swapped out before using the furnace for the cool season. A clean filter will give people in the building fresh air to breath. Some filters will remove pet dander and other allergens from the air as well. The filter is easily changed by sliding out the old one and sliding a new one in its place.

When there are cracks or small holes in the furnace’s flue pipe, carbon monoxide can be emitted in the home or business. This can cause illness, especially if it is be dispensed into a room with inadequate ventilation. To alleviate this, check the pipe for any voids where the air is escaping. Use foil tape to cover these areas so air is directed appropriately. If holes are large, the entire portion of flue pipe should be replaced.

If further information is needed about furnace maintenance, a call can be given to Poudre Valley Air or a similar service. A Commercial Furnace Technician can be scheduled to come to the home or business to check over the heating system before it is to be used for the winter.

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