Upgrading To A Universal Twin Screw Pump

by | May 11, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services


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There are many different pumps on the market used in sanitary processes. While many of these pumps have been used in a variety of applications, there are also those specialized designed for the demands of sanitary processing.

In situations where there is media in the system containing larger solids within the mixture or where there is a need to ensure the lowest possible shear through the system, a Universal Twin screw pump by Waukesha is a model worth serious consideration.

This is a pump which can save money over the long run. As it is able to run dry indefinitely with a flushed seal configuration, it is a very practical pump for many applications.

Low Vibration and Pulsation

The Universal Twin screw pump is one of the most efficient pumps on the market. It is able to effectively move fluids through the system and extend the life cycle of the pump. This is largely due to a larger shaft using Alloy 17-4 rather than standard stainless steel. With the additional strength without added weight and the larger diameter, there is very limited vibration when the pump is in operation.

The Universal Twin screw pump, also known as the Universal TS pump, is also able to operate with extremely limited issues with pulsation. This is essential to provide an even flow of media through the system for quality control and consistency.


The Universal TS pump is available with three different screw pitches as well as four different sizes. This allows the customer to select the ideal configuration and size for the system. Additionally, all of the pumps are rated for specific displacement, capacity, and pressure.

Smaller Universal TS pumps can provide 70 gallons per minute with 375 psi, while the largest size is able to handle 1220 gallons per minute with the maximum 375 psi.

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