Upgrades to Consider when Investing in Re- Roofing in Virginia

While Re- Roofing in Virginia is not one of the most glamorous or exciting home improvements available, it is an essential one. For homeowners who are planning on having a new roof installed, there are certain upgrades they should consider to help make the roof better looking, functional and provide a longer life. Some of these upgrades can be found here.

Install a Chimney Cap that is Airtight

Unlike metal or masonry chimney caps that are specifically designed to keep birds, rain, and other critters out of the chimney, the airtight caps are designed to help save energy. When the fireplace is not in use, the warm air that is inside a house is moving out of the chimney quickly if the weather is cold out. Since the damper is not airtight, it does very little to slow this flow of warm air. If an airtight cap is installed while the new roof is being applied, it will help save quite a bit of money in regard to lost energy.

Install Eave Flashing

Another upgrade to consider when investing in Re- Roofing in Virginia is eave flashing. For homeowners who have ever had an ice dam, they may want to consider this. These are essentially a type of peel and stick membrane that is put in prior to shingles. The membranes will then seal around the roofing fasteners and form a watertight seal at the eaves. This is the part of the roof that will be most susceptible to the development of ice dams.

Increase Roof Ventilation

In the summer, the attic of a home is essentially a built in the furnace if not properly ventilated. This heat that builds up will move directly into the rooms below. By improving ridge vents on the top of the roof, the temperature in the attic will be reduced and make the entire home more comfortable.

More information about re-roofing services and how beneficial they can be is available at Osroofing.com. Take some time to research the signs that this is the right option. Also, when investing in re-roofing consider the upgrades here to make the roof, even more, efficient and functional.

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