Update Your Interior Design without Buying New Furniture with Upholstery in Stamford

Are you tired of looking at the same old furniture you have owned for years? Maybe you dream of having great window treatments that complement your furniture, but you can’t justify the expense. If you bought furniture that is well-made, you now know that it can last for a long time, without needing to be replaced. The upholstery may be a bit worn, or stained, but the real problem is that you simply would like to have a new look, without having to buy all new furniture.

While people who enjoy collecting antique pieces have known just what kind of improvements can be made with upholstery skills, the same holds true for modern pieces of furniture as well. From dining room chairs, to couches, overstuffed chairs, and bedroom furniture, including custom bedding, it can all be made to look new with a talented designer and skilled workers. You just need to find the very best people to work with to get the interior you would like.

This is where your previous investment in good quality furniture pays off. You can update your interior design in any number of ways, without buying new furniture, by taking advantage of upholstery in Stamford. By working with a skilled decorator, they can come up with new fabrics and a color scheme that will bring your home an entirely new feel. They can co-ordinate wonderful window treatments to go with the updated look of your furniture and tie it all together with some area rugs, throw pillows and some accessories.

When you work with someone such as Dominic’s Decorating, they will have their experienced and skilled craftspeople do any repairs on the furniture while they are doing the upholstery in Stamford. They can repair broken or worn out springs, replace hard or sagging foam and turn a dated couch, chair or headboard into a brand new looking piece. They can even change out the legs or other finishing touches, such as buttons and decorative tacks, so that you wouldn’t even recognize your previous furniture. You will still have the great construction, but will be able to enjoy your new interior design for many more years to come.


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