Unsafe Conditions Lead to the Need for a Premises Liability Law Attorney in Crofton, MD

People generally expect to be safe whenever they go out. Although there are risks, they do not assume they’re going to be injured just by walking down the street or by going into a store. Yet, it is possible for this to happen. Sidewalks that aren’t cared for can have cracks or holes in them that a person could trip and fall on. Parking lots can have potholes a person can trip into, and even inside stores, there could be areas that are not cared for and pose a hazard to those who are shopping.

When one of these or similar hazards are present and a person is injured, their injuries can range from minor to serious. A little scrape or bruise is nothing to worry about, but if they break a bone or suffer a traumatic brain injury because of the fall, they’re going to need to seek medical care for their injuries right away. Once they have done this, they might start to worry about how they’re going to pay for their medical bills.

If the person was injured because of flooring, a sidewalk, a parking lot, or anywhere else that was not properly maintained, the owner of that area could be liable for their injuries. With public places, the city or county could be the responsible party while the owner of the store or the building might be responsible for their parking lot, sidewalks, and stores. A person is going to need to know who is liable for the incident as the liable party will owe them money to cover their medical bills and other expenses from the incident. The injured person will want to contact a Premises Liability Law Attorney in Crofton, MD to get help determining who is liable and obtaining the right amount of compensation for them.

Although a person might not expect to be injured during their normal routine, it can happen and the injuries they sustain can be serious. Those who are injured because of improper care for the area might have a case to obtain compensation for their injuries. To learn more, they will want to contact a premises liability law attorney in Crofton, MD as soon as they’re able. Visit John Valente Attorney online today to learn more about premises liability and to find out if you might be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.


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