Unique Features of The Foldoing Door Stores Panoramic Doors in Orange County

At The Folding Door Store panoramic doors are the newest innovation on the market. They have unique features that are unmatched by any other patio door in the industry. This article provides a brief overview of why the doors are all the rave right now.

Award-winning Design

Panoramic folding doors are superbly designed. Having won multiple design awards, these doors have quickly become a favorite at the Folding Door Store. The doors are appreciated because of their unique features and clear distinctions from other patio doors. They are modern, sleek, and luxurious. The doors incorporate the newest technology, allowing for more security, flexibility, and customizability. They are also weather-resistant and able to provide optimal amounts of thermal protection.

Extra Support

Unlike most patio doors, which rely on headers to hold their weight, the Folding Door Stores panoramic folding doors are supported by the bottom track. This allows for easier installation without the need for custom-made headers. This type of structural support creates longer-lasting doors that make the installation process faster.

Maximum Security

Another distinction between panoramic folding doors and other types of patio doors is their security features. Typically, patio doors only have one security point, making it easy for intruders to enter by lifting the doors from their track. On the contrary, panoramic doors have multiple security points on each panel. Deadbolts and hooks are used to secure each panel into place. This high level of security provides reassurance and peace of mind to our customers.

Flexible Opening System

Panoramic folding doors have a unique opening system that allows users to open as many panels as they want. This allows for maximum flexibility. Since the panels can move independently, users can open one panel or all of them at once. The panels move easily along the track and can even pivot and lift to create more space. The system has no hinges, which means there are no risks of accidents or injuries, and the overall operation is smooth.

Other Benefits

At the Folding Door Store in Orange County our customer fall in love with these doors. Visit us to see even more benefits. Such doors can be finished in vinyl, aluminum, or wood. They are also available in a wide range of colors. Customers can choose from hundreds of color options. The doors can also come in larger or smaller systems depending on the unique needs of your home.

At the Folding Door store panoramic doors in Orange County are more affordable than traditional patio doors. Although they are the most innovative doors on the market, they were designed to provide an alternative to traditional doors and sliding systems.

Ultimately, if you are looking for state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design, panoramic doors are the perfect choice. They have won many awards, provide extra support

and security, and come in various colors. To take your patio doors to the next level, choose a panoramic folding door from the Folding Door Store. Browse around here.


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