Types Of Stainless Steel Fitting in New York

Stainless steel is probably the best material to use for fittings. They are most recommended in environments such as marine applications, processing of chemicals, and other harsh conditions. Here is an example of the various types of Stainless Steel Fitting in New York.

  • National Pipe Tapered Fuel, or NPTF for short, is a type of fitting that is commonly used for hydraulic purposes. It consists of a thread the is tapered and the seal takes place via thread deformation.
  • The NPSM is a female fitting that utilizes a thread that is straight and an inverted seat that is 30-degrees. The male fitting has a thread that is parallel and an internal chamfer that is also 30-degrees.
  • While the NPTF fitting is used frequently in hydraulic applications, by far the most common for hydraulics is the JIC 37-degree flare fitting. Both of the male and female have a seat that is 37-degrees.
  • If precise and optimum leakage control is called for in a hydraulic system that is medium- or high-pressure, then the straight thread o-ring boss is what will be needed. This male fitting has both a straight thread and an 0-ring that rest behind the thread.
  • When flaring is not needed or not ideal, the Stainless Steel Fitting in New York that should be used is the flareless compression tube fitting. Experts find this type of tubing works best in repair situations or if heavy wall tubing is needed.
  • The British Standard pipe fitting is similar to the NPTF fitting but can vary in thread pitch throughout each range of sizes. This type of fitting consists of a tapered female swivel which forms a seal on the male’s cone seat.
  • Hose fittings are made from the variety of stainless steel known as 304. They are used for their high resistance to corrosion and extreme durability under the harshest of conditions.

For a wide selection of stainless steel fittings appropriate for nearly all situations, contact a tried and true company such as Toma Metals Inc. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can recommend the best fitting for each issue the customer is facing.


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