Two Questions to Ask When Choosing a Garbage Service in CT

There’s an old saying most are familiar with, one stating there are only two things in life people must do-pay taxes and die. The first time you hear this statement, you may believe there’s some truth to it, but sadly there are many others things in life everyone must do. For example, people must find a way to dispose of their trash. Even those who choose to become hermits in the woods generate trash as part of their daily activities, so there’s no getting around it. When choosing a Garbage Service in CT, what do you need to be searching for?

Your main priority needs to be finding out what items the garbage service will take. Many place restrictions on certain items, such as batteries, paints, and other hazardous materials. Not all do, however, so this is one question which must be asked. Take the time to think about what you throw away regularly. If you do a lot of painting and need someone to haul the debris away, you want a provider that offers this option, reducing the number of trips you must personally make to the landfill.
What is included in your service? Many companies now provide you with garbage containers and only allow you to fill these containers, rather than using your own. If you use additional containers, an extra fee may be charged. Be sure you know this before you start your service, and determine how many containers you normally use between pickup times.

A small family may only fill one trashcan, but a family of six could fill three. If your company only allows for two containers each week, will you have to delay putting one out or pay more to have three picked up? Questions such as this are of great importance to your overall satisfaction with the service.

Many, when searching for Garbage Service in CT, choose Willimantic Waste Paper Co, thanks to the numerous services provided by the firm. Whether you are in need of weekly trash service or you wish to rent a dumpster for a project you are undertaking, they can be of assistance to you in numerous ways, from deciding which size dumpster you need to offering single stream recycling. Save time and money when you choose to work with this provider.


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