Turning 3D Animation Into A Career

Many people are fascinated by the use of 3D animation in movies, television productions and even online. It is one of the most interesting combinations of technology and artistic ability, and it is only logical that it would appeal to those with both a science and a creative component to their interests.

The use of 3D animated characters and backgrounds in movies and productions has been steadily on the rise and continues to be one of the biggest trends in the film and production industry. However, another very big industry for those with this training and talent is in the gaming industry. Creating lifelike and realistic virtual environments for games of all genres continues to be a major source of employment.

Training Options

In the past, many people going into VFX or 3D animation simply had experience in the industry and learned the programming as it developed and became the sophisticated systems they are today.

Now, it is more common for an employer to hire people with formal training in the techniques, technology, software and the movie or gaming industry. This doesn’t mean a degree or a diploma, but it does mean certification from a recognized and reputable training institute or facility.

In many cases, the employer looks carefully at the training program with regards to hiring. For this reason, it is critical for anyone interested in moving forward in this technology to select a training program that provides real-world applications and experiences.

Preparing for an Interview

In addition to having a reputable training program on your resume, most employers will want to see a portfolio of your work, which will include a demo reel. Focus in on having a top quality demo reel that highlights your particular areas of expertise and talent with regards to creating 3Danimation.

Choose a demo reel topic that is of interest and highlights your artistic skills, and also provides a good example of your technical abilities on more than just a basic level.

Whenever possible, choose a program that will allow you to use the software and the technology you will actually be used in any production house. By having the ability to talk specifically and knowledgeable about the 3D animation software program or programs used, employers are confident they are hiring an animator who will be able to get started immediately on applying their talents to current projects in production.

Let Hi-Tech Animation turn your passion for 3D animation into a career. Our training information is available at www.hitechanimation.com, and we can answer any questions you may have about our courses.


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