Trusting a Lafayette Pet Sitter with your Dog

You love your dog, there is no denying that. But no matter how much you love him and hate to be apart, there are simply some times in life where a dog cannot join you. This can include a wide range of things such as corporate events for work, hospital visits, or family vacations. While it might be sad leaving your pet behind during these times, you can help make the ordeal easier on both of you by taking advantage of a pet sitter’s facility in your local area.

What is a Pet Sitter?

Similar to a babysitter for your children, a pet sitter will provide supervision, care and love for your pet while you are away. Their facility normally focuses on dogs specifically and could offer other services such as long-term boarding, afternoon daycare, grooming, walking, adoptions and more. Depending on the pet sitter you choose, price packages may be all inclusive or could have extra perks or special handling requirements added on. Prior to bringing your dog to a pet sitter’s facility, always be sure you are aware of the pricing as well as the drop off and pick up time limits. While a pet sitter’s facility has someone at the facility 24 hours a day, for safety reasons they may not be able to unlock the doors after a certain hour.

Will My Dog Get Social Interaction?

In short, yes! Pet sitters and boarding facilities are open to dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as most if not all breeds. After dogs pass the temperament assessment, they are allowed to join in on group play sessions with other dogs their size. This area is spacious and secure, keeping your dog and his playmates safe whether they are indoors or outdoors on nice days. When dogs are playing together, multiple human caretakers are monitoring the interactions at all times to make sure everyone gets along and has a lot of fun! If your dog is too timid to join in on group play, or if he has a problem sharing toys, he may not be allowed to join in the group play areas. For him, human one on one play times are on the schedule with a private play room for him to stretch his legs and run around to burn off excess energy! Whether large or small, timid or outgoing, there is a facility available that can care for your canine while you are away from home for the day or the week.


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