Treat snoring with an oral appliance

The use of a snoring appliance is a proven way to improve your sleep and ensure that you are alert the following day. Snoring appliances in New York are custom fit, somewhat similar to a sports mouth guard or a retainer.

About snoring appliance therapy:

Snoring appliances are worn while sleeping; the design of the appliance is such that it maintains an open upper airway by supporting the jaw in a forward position. Through research and use, snoring appliances have proven to be very effective to stop snoring and also for sleep apnea.

In the majority of cases it will be your physician that prescribes an oral appliance. Your physician will write a prescription and suggest a dentist that is skilled in fitting snoring appliances in New York. There is a wide range of appliances available, all of which are FDA approved, based on the specifics of your problem, the dentist will recommend the best appliance.

How the dentist helps:

Dentists and physicians work closely together to treat patients with a snoring or a sleep apnea problem. The dentist will undertake an intensive examination of your mouth which will include the position of your teeth, tongue and airway.

Using impressions, either digital or physical or both if deemed necessary, a model is made which is in turn sent to a lab where the appliance is produced. Once the appliance has been returned to the dentist, he or she will fit it properly, making any minor adjustments to ensure that it functions well and is comfortable to wear. The dentist will instruct you on how to care for the appliance.

The use of snoring appliances in New York can help; you will find that you will sleep far sounder and wake up ready to take on the day will plenty of energy. You can bet your bed partner will get a better night’s sleep as well.


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