Tough Jobs Call For Specialized Fencing Drills

There is nothing easy about having to put up a fence in rocky ground, shale or even in areas where there are large boulders located out of sight and under the soil. It is even more challenging when the fence has to go through solid rock or nearly solid rock.

Rocks, Fencing and Problems

While many people think of fencing as a farming and ranching problem, it is really a very real issue in a lot of different industries and applications. For example, there is the need for fencing along highways, to develop sound barrier types of fences in urban areas and for apartments, condos and residential neighborhood fences. Additionally, commercial property, industries and even processing plants typically require secure fencing both for security reasons as well as to limit liability issues.

Regardless of why a fence has to be built, having the right tools for a commercial fencing company is going to be a very big factor. For these companies, or for farming and ranching needs, a fencing drill is the perfect answer to the problem.

Options for Use

Depending on the type of equipment already owned by the company the choice in a fencing drill can be broader to include several different options or it can be narrower to work off of a skid steer rather than a large piece of equipment.

Most of these systems are not exclusively designed just for post hole drilling. They can also be used for large hole rock drilling, geothermal drilling, auguring and anchoring requirements. They are ideal for micro piling equipment and this continues to be an area of increased opportunities for jobs in virtually all areas of the country.

Often with these specialized types of drills a rotary head is also an important component. These come in a variety of different sizes and with different features. Ideally look for a rotary head that is designed for very low maintenance requirements. When these heads use high technology seals, they are much more durable and much less likely to have downtime for repairs and basic maintenance.

The versatility and features offered with a hydraulic rotary head and an experienced fencing drill operator are extensive. It will definitely allow you to be more productive in fencing jobs, but it also gives you the freedom to look at expanding the type of work you do, increasing the possibility of opening up new markets and keeping your crews busy.


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