Top Tips for Protecting Your Art Collection

If you have a collection of lovely artwork, you’ll want to make sure it lasts for many years. Artwork that is on canvas requires just a little bit of consideration to keep it safe and looking fantastic. From choosing the right canvas frames online to paying attention to the environment of the display room, here’s what you need to know to keep your art collection in great shape.

Framing Canvas Prints

When choosing canvas frames online, you need to be sure that the canvas is properly stretched by the frame. The frame is key for ensuring that the canvas isn’t sagging, which can cause the painting to crack. You’ll also want to make sure that the frame accentuates the style of the painting properly. Go with a fancier frame for something with a more detailed, romantic style. A contemporary work of art would likely look better displayed in a minimal frame.

Controlling the Environment

Having paintings hung in direct sunlight, or in a very humid room, is very bad for them. It can cause shrinkage, cracks in the paint, and fading. Direct sunlight and humidity are the two main enemies of canvas art. Always be sure that your painting is in a dry area and away from windows. Never put canvas prints in a hot attic or in a room that is very humid, such as a basement.

Cleaning Paintings and Frames

Cleaning a canvas painting should only be one with a light duster to remove dust. Don’t use water or cleaners to spot clean the painting. Inspect the back of the painting twice per year to ensure that no dust is building up behind the painting. Canvas frames online come in many different materials, but wooden frames should be examined for wood-worm regularly.

Storing Canvas Prints

If you are storing canvas art prints, always be sure that canvas prints are stored off the floor so that air can flow around them. Cover canvas prints with cotton sheets so that they are protected from dust. Don’t stack canvas prints on top of each other because the pressure can cause damage. Finally, be sure to check on the canvas prints occasionally, remove dust, and check for signs of damage.

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