Top Tips for Heavy Drinking and Getting Home Without DUIs

Over 9,960 people lost their lives in alcohol-impaired automobile accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that this averages out to 28 people killed every day within the United States alone, which explains why law enforcement is cracking down so hard on DUI charges and arrests. Here are some top tips to follow when it comes to getting home safely without giving up your heavy drinking habits.

Get a Round-Trip Ride

One effective way to prevent the need to hire a DUI lawyer to defend you in court without giving up your love for heavy drinking is to get a round-trip ride to the bar, club, restaurant or wherever else you plan to drink. If you get a ride there, you will need a ride back – which makes it much easier for you to avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Have a Committed, Designated Driver

Before selecting a friend to be your designated driver, make sure that he or she can commit to not drinking for the entire event or evening. Peer pressure or just a strong desire to have a drink could quickly void them out as potential drivers, which will leave you in a bind. Working with a committed driver that is concerned about your safety as well as their own is key.

Speak with an Attorney about the Risks

Do not wait until you have been charged with a DUI to seek legal advice from an expert DUI lawyer. There are quite a few cases where people charged with DUIs were simply not aware of the severity of the issue and how their lives could be forever impacted by a single DUI charge. For education purposes, it is highly recommended to discuss the ins and outs of these charges and the corresponding penalties, fees and prison sentences that go along with it.


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