Top Three Tips For Setting Up a Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are a great way to create a buzz and sell new products, but it is difficult to make your booth stand out against hundreds of others all competing for attention. You also need to ensure your booth or area is accessible and displays all of your products well. Follow these tips to set up a trade show display in order to create the biggest impact for your products or services:

1. Include a Demo

You will need a hook to grab the attention of passersby and entice them to stay at your booth longer. An article published on Hubspot suggests that setting up a demo and making it the focal point of your exhibit is an ideal way to do this. You can attract the interest of a crowd and sell products much more effectively than just putting them on display.

2. Set the Table Back

Position the table or desk towards the back of the trade show display. This means it is out of the way allowing visitors to browse, they will have to walk through your exhibit to reach it, and your sales team will be encouraged to stay on their feet and work the room rather than remain seated.

3. Set Up Early

You will likely have prepared well in advance for the event, and setting up your display is no exception. According to Studio 1 Productions, something can easily go wrong during set up so it is essential to do it early in order to eradicate any errors. Check that all electrical outlets are working and have a tool kit on hand for emergencies.

Being prepared, including enticing gimmicks, and setting up your booth correctly will ensure it will make the biggest impact on show day and bring in the maximum amount of new sales and customers to your business.


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