Top Styles In Men’s Gold Chains

Chains are a terrific gift for a special man in your life. They are perfect as an anytime gift, a birthday, a special event gift and of course for anniversaries. Choosing the right design in men’s gold chains is really a matter of personal taste as well as the style you know he will enjoy.

There are different options in the karat of men’s gold chains. Typically chains are made of 10K, 14K or 18K gold which can be yellow gold, which is traditional, or white gold, which is slightly more modern looking in style.

Any type of gold chain is going to be durable, and it will be an item of jewelry that can be worn for a lifetime on a daily basis. There are some styles or link types of men’s gold chains that are also perfect for a woman, making a nice option to have a matching set for him and her.

Ball or Moon Cut

The moon cut, or the ball moon cut, is a unique chain. It looks like small gold beads strung together, but it is substantial enough to look very masculine. This is a highly flexible chain that won’t kink or bind around the back of the neck, making it great to wear all the time.

The ball cut has a slight gold bar between each bead. This is sometimes known as a ball dog tag chain, and it is can be easily paired with a masculine pendant for a beautiful dressy look.

Franco Chains

This is a classic design in men’s gold chains. It is a square-shaped link, not a flat chain, and it looks like the strands of the chain have been woven together to create the elaborate style and shape.

The design makes this chain extremely flexible, so it bends easily around the neck. It is also one of those styles that never kinks, making it very comfortable to wear even for an active man.

Cuban Link

The Miami Cuban link is a solid, heavy looking chain with each link nestled into the next. The links are flat on the top, providing a lot of area for dazzle and shine. With its heft and weight, this chain is amazing with a large pendant and also looks terrific with a matching bracelet.

There are other traditional men’s gold chains as well, and they include the rolo chain as well the cable chain, all which are available in a variety of stand lengths and karats.


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