Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Long Distance Move

Long distance move, even the words are enough to make most people cringe. If you have ever packed everything up and moved a long distance from where you are now living, then you know already that there are a ton of mistakes that can be made during that move. Once you have hired one of the reputable Tucson moving companies to help with your move, read on below for a few of the top mistakes to avoid during your long distance relocation process.

Never Leave All of the Organizing for the Day You Move in

While it may be beyond tempting just to throw everything in a box and head out for the hills, you will regret it on the day you move into your new home. Taking the extra time to separate the towels from the dishes will help you a ton when you are searching for something to cook in and towel to take a shower after the move is done.

Always Pack Everything Before Moving Day

While it’s once again tempting to wait until the last minute, there is no possible way to squeeze in everything on the moving day itself. Always pack everything before the movers show up, and you will be on your way much quicker than you think. The movers will thank you as well since they don’t want to stand around while you get it together to move your belongings.

Never Leave the Boxes Blank

Grab that sharpie and label those boxes as soon as you pack them and seal them up. The worst thing in the world on the day you move in is to have to open every box in the house just to find a knife to cut your meat with.

These are just a few mistakes you don’t want to make when moving. For more information on long distance moves contact Colonial Van Lines today.


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